To achieve climate targets, eFuels play a crucial role

eCar with fuel cell or combustion engine with eFuels – which is really more sustainable from a holistic perspective?

Contrary to the opinion that the e-car is definitely the more sustainable solution of these two technologies, a recent series of studies commissioned by the “Science for a moving society” (FVV e.V.) comes to somewhat different results!
The authors of the study also included in their analysis the often neglected but crucial total infrastructure requirements and all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from generation to use to recycling in a detailed life cycle analysis (LCA)!

Both types of drive offer a comparably high level of sustainability “if they – including the complete, sustainable energy supply chain – are introduced at the same speed. It is not the choice of climate-neutral drive technologies per se, but the speed of their introduction that is absolutely crucial for achieving the goal of GHG-neutral, climate-friendly and resource-conserving road transport in the EU.”

Obviously, the fastest way to achieve GHG-neutral mobility is through a clever mix of different technology paths – especially in view of the huge existing fleet of combustion cars. This would even make it possible to achieve Germany’s ambitious goal of being climate-neutral as early as 2045.

For more on the FVV study series, see:


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