VW wants to invest 60 billion in combustion engines

60 billion for combustion engines at VW – the outcome of the European elections seems to be leaving its first traces!

At least there is now obviously more reason and consumer will in the actions of companies. This is certainly the case at VW AG, which, according to a report by AutorMototorSport, wants to invest 60 billion in its combustion engine division!

AutoMotorSport clearly states – also in connection with the “allelectric” electric car strategy that VW has pursued so ambitiously and seemingly unwaveringly to date:

“It’s no secret that electromobility is in a deep crisis – the e-cars available are too expensive and the government incentives are too low. In contrast, cars with combustion engines are enjoying a boom, as the current registration figures show. The major manufacturers are gradually adapting their strategies and revising their ambitious targets of only selling electric cars in ten years’ time.”

It’s good that these combustion engines can then also be refueled with eFuels(synthetic fuels) with significantly reduced CO2 emissions!


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