Dispute over eFuels: FDP vs. SPD

Combustion engines with eFuels or just eCars and no combustion engines in the future?
The hot phase of the European election campaign is in full swing.

Most experts and politicians have finally realized that eFuels(synthetic fuels) can make an important contribution to achieving our climate targets in the area of transport and mobility.

But now statements by Lower Saxony’s Transport Minister Olaf Lies(SPD) on eFuels are once again causing a dispute between the state SPD and the federal FDP. According to Hannoverscher Allgemeine, Lies said: “Anyone who preaches e-fuels is preaching technological disorientation”.

This is a clear position of the SPD against combustion engines and eFuels and in favor of pursuing a comprehensive electric mobility strategy(“electric only”) – despite all the current adversities and problems with eCars in Germany and the economic risks in the global market.

Good that FDP man Dürr sharply criticized this and at the same time clearly contradicts theses from a study by the Borderstep Institute with misleading assumptions.

The European elections on June 9 will decide which of the two different paths we want to take: the technology-open path with all its opportunities for the future or the controlled, one-sided “electric-only” path.

Every vote counts!!!


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