EPP leader wants to overturn the ban on combustion engines

Is the end coming from the end?

The end of the “ban policy” of recent years – especially with regard to cars with combustion engines after 2035 – seems to have been heralded.

For example, Manfred Weber, CSU top candidate and Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, announced in an interview with the newspapers of the Mediengruppe Bayern: “If my group can secure a majority after the European elections, we will reverse the ban on combustion engines passed by the European Parliament in this legislative period”.
More and more politicians, like Weber, are positioning themselves against the “ban policy” that has been pursued to date with regard to alternative technologies to electric drives – but are emphatically emphasizing that this only applies if the combustion engines are “CO2-neutral – i.e. operated with synthetic fuels, so-called e-fuels”.

Important to know:
Without the use of modern fuels such as eFuels or HVO100(climate fuels), we are very unlikely to achieve any of our climate targets.


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