A mix of different technologies is necessary

Clever technology mix or putting all your eggs in one basket – which is better?

The current series of studies commissioned by “Science for a moving society” (FVV e.V.) provides a clear answer: In terms of climate friendliness, a clever technology mix is vastly superior to any single technology scenario!

This is because, according to the study, every single technology scenario run through by the FVV authors would miss the climate targets set and take far too high a risk in terms of feasibility.

A clear plea for multiple technology paths side by side, of which eFuels (synthetic fuels) should certainly be one.

More about the FVV study series at https://www.efuels-forum.de/fvv-studie/ or directly at https://www.fvv-net.de/science/wie-schnell-geht-nachhaltig?


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