Climate change accelerates due to combustion car ban

Ban on combustion engines pointless? Or even bad for the climate?

This is what Der Spiegel recently wrote:
“The former head of the Ifo Institute, Hans-Werner Sinn, believes that the radical departure from the internal combustion engine is a big mistake. Especially in terms of climate change.”
“The president emeritus of the Ifo Institute (…) criticizes the German government’s energy policy. CO2 emissions from oil, coal and the like can only be reduced if everyone or almost everyone joins in, because what we don’t consume is consumed by others, the economics professor told the Bild newspaper. If Germany stops buying oil, the world market price will fall and others will buy it. The past 40 years would have clearly shown that.”

“A ban on internal combustion engines is therefore pointless: it ruins our automotive industry, lowers our standard of living and subsidizes other countries, especially China. Where in recent years not only more and more coal is burned, but also oil consumption is increasing. With too little green power and nuclear plants shutting down, he said, more electric cars mean lignite mining and more carbon in the air.

Of course, such interrelationships should always be kept in mind when planning the energy turnaround!
In addition, there would also be the possibility of effectively reducing CO2 emissions from combustion cars with eFuels(synthetic fuels).


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