eFuels Forum at 2nd eFuels Conference in Berlin

A strong signal: Second eFuels Conference at the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport(BMDV) in Berlin!

The fact that the topic of eFuels plays a prominent role in climate targets worldwide has become clear again in the last few days around the eFuels Conference. Here, statesmen and women from many parts of the world discussed the use of eFuels, international product standards, current trade barriers that have not yet been clarified and the currently still very heterogeneous global tax situation.

The eFuels Forum was also invited and was able to make an active contribution!

Our demands on politicians:
Firstly, a reduction in the energy tax on eFuels in order to be internationally competitive, as well as a mandatory blending of eFuels in all transportation – increasing to 100% by 2050 – in order to ensure stable demand for synthetic fuels.

Dr. Lorenz Kiene from the eFuels Forum commented: “The second eFuels Conference provided a valuable platform for discussing the potential and challenges of synthetic fuels. It is essential that we work together on a global solution and take a technology-neutral approach. Synthetic fuels are key to achieving our climate targets and creating a sustainable future.”

Photo: BMDV/Dirk Deckbar


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