China continues to rely on combustion engines

Has China recently become more open to technology than the EU or Germany, or is it just sensing real global market opportunities in the field of combustion engine technology after decades of German supremacy?

According to Zeit-Online, China has long since left the EU and Germany far behind in the field of electromobility – now, according to and Automobilwoche, China is also “reaching for the heart of the established car industry, combustion technology. (…) The Middle Kingdom continues to rely on combustion engines. (…) The combustion engine will survive, but in a different form,” analyzed Jochen Siebert, Managing Director of JSC, an industry consultancy specializing in China.” (…) Hydrogen, synthetic fuels and ammonia are also explicitly mentioned.”

Against this backdrop, we should stop further discussions about an ideologically driven and economically devastating ban on combustion engines as quickly as possible and finally start to fully exploit the new possibilities with eFuels (synthetic fuels) and HVO fuels, for example.

However, political majorities in Germany and the EU are finally needed for this – the European elections24 at the beginning of June would be a very good opportunity to push through new priorities in the area of transport and cars!


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