HVO100 is coming

Of course, HVO100 (fuel made from waste and food scraps) is not an eFuel (synthetic fuel), but this long overdue decision by the German government shows that so-called“climate fuels” are already a way to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in transportation today!
Without a ban on combustion engines and an ideologically driven all-electric strategy. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a diesel engine for cars, trucks or ships and motor yachts.

Openness to technology is and remains the magic word: after all, it is not the engine that is bad for the climate, but the fossil fuel used. And it is now being replaced step by step at the filling station.

Good to know:
There are currently around 48 million cars in Germany – of which only around 1 million with electric drive. In other words, the use of climate fuels would be a much simpler and more effective lever for avoiding CO2 than converting everything.


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