eFuels successfully tested on pleasure craft

eFuels are officially convincing “on water” too!

It is well known that eFuels work “in the air” in airplanes and “on land” in cars, trucks, construction machinery and trains, for example, and can make a decisive contribution to the transport transition.

Now eFuels have also been successfully tested in racing mode “on water”. Here, eFuel fuel from our eFuels Forum friends Nordoel was used in a motorboat from the F5 racing series. The boat reached a top speed of 87 km/h. The aim is to develop the first CO₂-neutral F5 motorboat racing series.

For water sports enthusiasts and for the topic of sustainable, emission-free shipping, this is certainly an important step towards the future.

The project participants were:
ADAC Hesse Thuringia
ADAC Nordrhein, German
Motor Yacht Association DMYV e.V.
MSG e.V.
Sports boat ambulance Jörn Lässig Kahl am Main
Tohatsu Robert Marx Germany Friedrich Marx GmbH
WSV Lorch e.V. in the ADAC

More information on eFuels in motorsport and racing at https://www.efuels-forum.de/e-fuels-im-motorsport/
and in motor yachts and motorboats at https://www.efuels-forum.de/e-fuels-fuer-motoryachten-und-motorboote/


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