ReFuelEU Aviation and revised Renewable Energy Directive approved by EU Council

ReFuelEU Aviation and the revised Renewable Energy Directive were approved by the EU Council today. A decisive step towards the European energy transition.

This means that two core dossiers of the Fit for 55 climate package are ready for publication in the Official Journal of the EU and can thus enter into force.

What does this mean for eFuels:

First, ReFuelEU Aviation will apply as a regulation to member states from January 2024. With synthetic fuel mandates, there is a clear target market for eFuels for the aviation sector. From 1.2% in 2030 to 35% in 2050, this is a clear investment signal. Our members are ready to make this happen and make environmentally friendly flying a reality. At the same time, support for EU airlines and hubs is crucial to maintain the competitiveness of the aviation industry, e.g. through free allowances under the EU ETS to bridge the cost gap between fossil and SAF.

Second, the RED earmarks 1% of RFNBOs in 2030 for the transportation sector. At the same time, we still believe that this is not ambitious enough, especially in view of the targets proposed by the Commission and the European Parliament, which are 5%. Nevertheless, the Renewable Energy Directive is a directive, which means that member states can and should go beyond the minimum level required. A clear commitment to defossilization of our energy mix is needed in the transposition of the Renewable Energies Directive into national law.

Press releases at and ReFuelEU Aviation:


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