Will e-cars remain affordable?

Who wouldn’t want mobility by car to remain possible for a large part of society? This, at least, is what Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares sees at risk due to the EU’s e-car strategy.


According to Automobilwoche , he notes that“electric drives are 50 percent more expensive than combustion engines and drive up the price of new cars . This would increase the risk that the middle class would no longer be able to buy cars and that government coffers would be overburdened.”


Moreover, the real contribution of e-cars to climate protection would only be seen in 10 or 15 years. “As a faster and cheaper innovation option, the head of Opel’s parent company cited high-performance hybrid cars that would have provided an immediate CO2 benefit.”


Here, of course, CO2-neutral, synthetic fuels (e-fuels) could also make a valuable contribution to immediate CO2 reduction. Technology openness is once again the magic word – also at this point.


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