Business talk with CDU Secretary General Dr. Carsten Linnemann

Very good and constructive business discussion with eFuels Forum speaker Mark Jorczyk from our friends at Jorczyk Energie, CDU Secretary General Dr. Carsten Linnemann and Mr. Sebastian Lechner, CDU Chairman of Lower Saxony.

The core topics in our “alternative fuels eFuels and HVO” area were the much-discussed ban on combustion engines in 2035, which already seems to be completely overturned at EU level, and the Heating Act (GEG) passed by the traffic light in 2023. The CDU is calling for a reversal on both issues – on the one hand with the premise of “creating incentives instead of bans” and on the other hand with regard to the end of combustion engines with the comment: “We are sawing at the branch we are sitting on”.

In a short presentation, Mark Jorczyk was then able to explain once again that it is not the engine or the heating system that is the problem, but the fuel or heating oil used so far. However, solutions have long been available in the form of eFuels (synthetic fuels) and HVO (fuels made from waste and residual waste).
Against this background, Mr. Linnemann was also unable to understand the Federal Environment Agency’s blockade stance regarding the approval of HVO fuels.


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