Lawsuit by eFuels forum friends gets international attention

Once again, it’s all about the German lawsuit filed by four eFuels Forum friends against the EU Commission and its CO2 accounting procedures around fleet regulation.

Because now the interest in this topic is even spilling over to our European neighbors. For example, the news portal Libremercado in Spain recently published an interview with Dr. Lorenz Kiene as the initiator of the eFuels Forum and one of the four German plaintiff parties.

Here, Kiene particularly emphasized that the European Commission has so far taken into account analyses around the life cycle of a product in many procedures for calculating emissions. Strangely enough, only the drive types – internal combustion and electric – are handled differently.
Here, the focus would suddenly be only on the emissions at the tailpipe, which is why electromobility scores better than eFuels. Kiene: “That’s incomprehensible to me and would also run counter to environmental protection.”
Moreover, this behavior on the part of the EU artificially hinders the continuity of the ramp-up of eFuels, which is certainly not conducive to climate protection either.


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