On board: eFuels and HVO as a solution for existing boat engines

Convert motor yachts expensively or simply refuel with HVO or CO2-neutral eFuels in the near future?

That HVO and eFuels (synthetic fuels) will play an important role in achieving our climate goals in the area of transport and mobility is certainly beyond question today – whether for aircraft, cars, trucks or even existing boat engines from Motor yachts and motor boats, which became very clear to us again at our booth at this year’s Interboot.

An important step in this process is, of course, to create the necessary legal basis. The adoption of the 10th amendment to the Federal Emission Protection Act – also known as BImSchG – which is now pending would be a crucial building block.
This is because the Bimschg regulates, among other things, which fuel is permitted for sale in Germany. In the future, this will also include paraffinic fuels in their pure form. One of them: our KlimaDiesel90, which is up to 90 percent climate-neutral.


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