Lühmann takes action against the disadvantage of eFuels compared to eCars

Technology openness and equal opportunities instead of wrong prohibition policy – exactly for this the German “E-Fuels trader Lühmann” complains now with the EU!

The focus is, of course, on the disproportionate/”absurd” and thus unjustified ban on internal combustion vehicles by the EU.

This is according to an article in Wirtschaftswoche:

“In fact, the regulation mandating that vehicles themselves no longer emit emissions is a disproportionate, even absurd, disadvantage of e-fuels over e-cars. Both technologies end up being CO2 neutral – regardless of what comes out of the tailpipe or not. As long as coal and gas provide some of the electricity for e-cars, true e-fuels are actually more climate-friendly because 100 percent of the CO2 emitted was previously sucked out of the air.”

In addition, he said, “the regulation from Brussels in its current form is a massive threat to the survival of the entire German auto industry.”


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