eFuel GmbH participates in “Hamburg Blue Hub

Evos Hamburg GmbH, the Lother Group and eFuel GmbH are cooperating within the framework of the so-called “Hamburg Blue Hub”. From 2026, hydrogen, hydrogen derivatives such as eFuels and eMethanol, and biofuels and combustibles from residual and waste materials are to be stored in a climate-friendly way on the Evos Hamburg site and put to use throughout Germany.

Hamburg is to establish itself as a central import port for synthetic and climate-friendly fuels from all over the world. To achieve this goal, the companies Evos Hamburg GmbH, the Lother Group and eFuel GmbH have founded the so-called “Hamburg Blue Hub”. This will create an open trading point for green molecules such as hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives, for example eFuels, eMethanol and other synthetic fuels and combustibles, from around the world when it starts in 2026, primarily to facilitate imports into Germany and Europe. The Port of Hamburg already has state-of-the-art loading facilities for ocean-going vessels, inland waterway vessels, trains and tankers, which can also be used for the planned new synthetic and climate-friendly fuels. “With this project, we can charge eFuels from sun- and wind-rich regions of the world in Germany. In this way, we are laying the foundation for nationwide logistics to bring green energies easily to their place of use. Every gram of CO2 saved counts for our blue ball,” emphasizes Dr. Lorenz Kiene, one of the managing directors of eFuel GmbH.

The first green molecules could arrive as early as 2025 from various international projects that eFuel GmbH is currently negotiating and organizing, such as the “Haru Oni” project in Chile. The eFuel GmbH and the Lother Group have already signed a corresponding declaration of intent regarding this project in the presence of the first mayor in Santiago de Chile in August 2022.

The project details of “Hamburg Blue Hub” were presented by Harry Deans, Managing Director of Evos Group, Matthias Bartholl, Managing Director of Lother Group, and Eike Mönneke, further Managing Director of eFuel GmbH, during an information event on March 30, 2023 at the Evos Hamburg site. Also present were Hamburg’s Senator for Economic Affairs, Dr. Melanie Leonhard, and Dr. Diego Pardow, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Chile, with delegation. In addition, the Hamburg South America Business Delegation from 2022 was invited, consisting of the companies HHLA, HCU, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Aurubis AG, Hamburger Hochbahn, HamburgInvest, HiSolution, Hafen Hamburg Marketing, HanBao Neue Energien, AI Hamburg, Evos, Mitsubishi, HPA, TUHH, as well as representatives of international companies and research institutions such as BMW, Toyota, Tensor, University Bergakademie Freiberg, HCU, and Chemieanlagenbauer Chemnitz.

Impressions from the event:

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Annika Beyer

eFuel GmbH:
CO2-neutral and crisis-proof into the future – with eFuels, this vision can become reality. To accelerate the process, ten medium-sized oil companies have joined forces to form eFuel GmbH. The company’s goal is to participate in companies and initiatives that develop and bring eFuels to market. A higher amount in millions is available for this purpose. For more information, visit www.efuel-gmbh.de

The following companies are founders of eFuel GmbH:
Anton Willer GmbH & Co KG (www.antonwiller.de)
CLASSIC Tankstellen GmbH & Co. KG, Hoya (www.classic-oil.de)
FELTA Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Visbek (www.felta.net)
Hermann Lother & Co. Mineralölhandelsgesellschaft mbH, Hamburg (www.lother.de)
Jantzon & Hocke KG, Sulingen (www.jantzon.de)
Jorczyk Energie KG, Celle (www.jorczyk-energie.de)
Knauber Mineralöl GmbH & Co. KG (www.knauber.de)
Adolf Präg GmbH & Co KG (www.praeg.de)
Mönneke Mineralöle GmbH & Co. KG, Delligsen (www.moenneke.de)
SCORE-Tankstellen und Mineralölhandels-GmbH, Emden (www.score-emden.de)


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