Boris Rhein CDU: Improve, not ban, internal combustion engines!

Combustion engine with eFuels against dependence on Chinese battery technology?
Only recently, Hesse’s head of government Boris Rhein (CDU) once again emphasized the economic importance of the combustion engine for Germany and urgently warned against too great a dependence on Chinese battery technology with regard to the electrification of transport.

Boris Rhein according to
“Germany must not lose its technological edge, as we are currently experiencing with the internal combustion engine. We should improve the internal combustion engine, not ban it.” With CO2-neutral synthetic fuels, the internal combustion engine continues to have a future.

And further:
“The more we move away from the gasoline engine and diesel, the greater our dependence on Chinese battery technology in automotive manufacturing will become. If we ban it now, the clean combustion engine, along with the added value, will not be created in our country, but in other regions of the world.”

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