Wissing: We cannot do without eFuels

The back door to the end of the internal combustion engine is called synthetic fuels – that’s what it looks like:
From 2035, only CO2-neutral vehicles may be sold in Europe. This is a fact due to the decision of the EU Parliament last Tuesday.
But is that really the definitive End for the combustion engine? NO.

This is because, thanks to the FDP, an important note was included in the resolution urging the review of combustion engines using synthetic fuels(eFuels).

Federal Minister of Transport Volker Wissing after the EU Parliament vote:
“To meet our climate goals, we need to keep all options and technologies open. We cannot do without eFuels in the process. It will enable us to find faster and, above all, sustainably more efficient solutions. For both the existing fleet and new vehicles, eFuels offer climate-neutral mobility with combustion engines. Also for truck and bus.”



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