Super action: eFuels for Future in front of the Chancellor’s Office

Super action from UNITI:
Since the automotive summit at the Chancellor’s Office last Tuesday unfortunately did not include the fuel industry, some of our eFuels friends on the ground made the case for the unconditional industrial eFuels ramp-up in the form of a small demo in front of the Chancellor’s Office. Highly visible for the arriving guests!


This is because over 98 percent of passenger cars registered in Germany have internal combustion engines and are primarily powered by conventional liquid fuels – with synthetic eFuels, this would be possible in a CO2-neutral way in the future. So far, however, the eFuels ramp-up has been held back by German and European legislators, both politically and in terms of regulation.

UNITI CEO Elmar Kühn: “With electromobility alone, the transport sector will demonstrably continue to miss its climate targets. And then there’s the threat of forced traffic reduction and the loss of affordable automobility for everyone.”



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