VW boss Blume declares about-turn – combustion engines also have a future!

Very good news: In complete contrast to his predecessor, the new VW Group CEO Oliver Blume is setting significantly different strategic priorities. The combustion engine and the topic of eFuels also play an important role here.


According to lifePR, Blume appeals in an interview with auto motor und sport magazine that climate protection must be “thought of as a whole”. And since there are still more than a billion existing vehicles with internal combustion engines worldwide that will “still be on the road for decades,” he believes the use of synthetic fuels(eFuels) is an effective complementary solution.


“Gasoline engines can be operated with them in an almost CO2-neutral manner. In this way, all vehicles can do their part to reduce CO2 – regardless of the type of drive.”
You can read the full article here:



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