EU Commission wavers on combustion engine phase-out

Clear words:
It is an unusually drastic interview by EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton with Politico that is making Europe sit up and take notice on the subject of the combustion engine ban. In it, he points out, among other things, the lack of charging infrastructure for e-cars, as well as the supply shortage of raw materials needed to make batteries and the obstacles to massive adoption of electric vehicles.
Against this backdrop, there are doubts about how realistic it really is to phase out the internal combustion engine in 2035.


In addition, Breton calls for “no taboos” in the 2026 review of the “car ban,” saying that the ban could still be “slammed on the brakes” if the market for electric vehicles doesn’t take off in time. In this case, France wants to consider plug-in hybrids beyond 2035, while Germany supports the approval of combustion engines that run on synthetic fuels – so-called eFuels.


More on Thierry Breton’s interview with Politico here:


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