Is the Allelectric hype over?

Have politicians, industry and people lost their appetite for the unnecessary “Allelectric” aberration?

According to NTV quite clearly: YES! For example, NTV reports that “the market share of electric cars is shrinking” and that “combustion and diesel vehicles, on the other hand, have made gains”. “Vehicles with diesel engines by almost ten percent”.
And this is exactly the trend that seems to be taking place worldwide!

For example, even Apple “capitulates” when it comes to the goal of bringing a “fully networked electric car” onto the market. Negative reports on electromobility are also coming in from all sides. Key words: “US President Biden abandons e-car targets”, imminent withdrawal of the ban on combustion engines in the EU, “Slice-by-slice funding cuts e-car quota”, “Price war: e-cars in a downward spiral” and even the Chinese are currently investing in combustion engines.

It’s a good thing that with eFuels (synthetic fuels) and HVO fuels (fuels made from residual and waste materials), solutions are already available to significantly reduce the impact on the climate when refueling all combustion engines and completely replace fossil fuels – because it’s not the engine that is “bad” for the environment, but many of the fuels used to date.

Tip: Every vote in the European elections24 can put the future of mobility back on the right track!


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