England: London wants to postpone phasing out of internal combustion vehicles

“Green revolution” in England put to the test!

For example, ntv reports that, according to bbc, British Prime Minister Sunak has announced a speech on climate protection that will focus on more “proportionality.” It goes on to say that eight climate targets are “on the brink” or are to be defused, one of which is to be the end of internal combustion engines.
Source: ntv article

Proportionality and openness to technology remain the order of the day if we are to achieve a healthy energy transition. This is because, particularly with regard to eFuels (synthetic fuels), all internal combustion cars could already be refueled in an almost climate-neutral manner today.

That’s why we would very much welcome such a review of our targets in Germany and Europe – especially with regard to the planned phase-out of internal combustion engines.


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