Further support for eFuels

It’s nice to see that the topic of eFuels (synthetic fuels) is gaining momentum!

Especially with regard to transport and mobility, there will certainly have to be alternatives in the future, in addition to electric drives, among others, in order to be able to implement and successfully shape the agreed energy turnaround in Germany / Europe and worldwide.

eFuels can make an important contribution to reducing emissions quickly and easily – whether in aircraft, ships, trucks, cars, or public and company fleets. Every saving and support counts!

We are therefore very pleased to see companies such as WestfalenAG and associations such as UVL-SH (Unternehmensverband Logistik Schleswig-Holstein e.V.) acting in a forward-looking manner and wanting to support the topic of eFuels by including synthetic fuels from green electricity in their energy mix for the benefit of the climate and sustainability.

More about the Westfalen Group at:

And more on the Unternehmensverband Logistik Schleswig-Holstein e.V. at:


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