eFuel GmbH acquires stake in Caphenia GmbH

Caphenia plans to start building a pilot plant near Frankfurt am Main this year that will produce renewable fuels from the end of 2024. By taking this joint step, the two companies aim to promote the use of sustainable fuels in the energy and transport sectors.

eFuel GmbH has acquired a stake in Caphenia GmbH. The association of ten medium-sized energy companies is not only committed to sustainable fuels, but also actively invests in this industry. Caphenia’s technology enables renewable fuels to be produced in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The use of renewable fuels offers an alternative solution to fossil fuels for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector and allows the use of existing infrastructure such as fueling station networks and vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The power-and-biogas-to-liquid (PBtL) reactor developed by Caphenia uses a mixture of bio-methane, CO₂, water and sustainably generated electricity to produce syngas as a feedstock for renewable fuels. Caphenia’s PBtL process requires six times less electricity than conventional power-to-liquid processes and enables CO₂ reductions of up to 92 percent because all carbon molecules come from renewable sources. Thanks to this efficiency, Caphenia’s renewable fuels can be offered at competitive prices. Caphenia plans to start building a pilot plant in Industriepark Höchst this year and scale up production promptly.

“The partnership with Caphenia is of great importance to us as it enables us to advance our vision of sustainable and low-carbon mobility. We are impressed by Caphenia’s technological expertise and innovative spirit and look forward to a successful collaboration,” says Dr. Lorenz Kiene, one of the managing directors of eFuel GmbH. Furthermore, he underlines the common goal to reduce the environmental impact in the energy and transport sector: “Our partnership with Caphenia allows us to support innovative approaches to reduce the environmental impact in the transport sector and to contribute positively to the transformation of the energy sector.”

“The participation of eFuel GmbH is a strong signal to other potential investors that sustainable technologies and solutions in the energy and transport sector are a promising area for investment,” says Dr. Mark Misselhorn, CEO of Caphenia. In the participation of eFuel GmbH, whose shareholders are exclusively medium-sized companies, he also recognizes the impressive expression of the innovative strength of medium-sized companies. “The midmarket has demonstrated that it has the vision and commitment to drive significant advances in sustainable technology development. Through the collective action of many stakeholders, we can effect significant change and create a sustainable future.”


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Figure 1: Dr. Mark Misselhorn, CEO of Caphenia
Figure 2: Dr. Lorenz Kiene, Managing Director of eFuel GmbH
Figure 3: Caphenia production

About eFuel GmbH:

eFuel GmbH, based in Hoya, is an association of ten well-known medium-sized companies that are committed to promoting new technologies and participating in innovative companies and projects. With many years of experience and strong teamwork with our partners, we focus on joint success, which is crucial for our progress. We actively drive the development of new technologies and use our broad network to shape sustainable solutions in the energy and transport sectors.

For more information, visit www.efuel-gmbh.de

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About Caphenia GmbH:

“Turning CO₂ into fuel” – The cleantech start-up Caphenia aims to shape the CO₂-neutral future of mobility through sustainable fuels at competitive prices. Via the selectively controllable Caphenia 3-in-1 zone reactor and the unique plasma process, bio-methane is decomposed into the components carbon and hydrogen. Thus, without by-products and energetic losses, this highly efficient technology produces a synthesis gas that can be processed into renewable fuels and other chemical products. The reactors are designed for scalability and allow for rapid production in large quantities. In addition to producing renewable fuels, including renewable diesel for heavy-duty and rail transport, Caphenia is focusing on renewable aviation fuel (SAF).

The company is based in Frankfurt’s House of Logistics & Mobility (HOLM) and in Bernau am Chiemsee. The Caphenia vision is supported by cooperation partners such as MAN Energy Solutions SE, the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, the German Aerospace Center and other renowned investment and development partners. It is also supported by leading industry and business representatives, renowned stakeholders such as Kay Kratky, Simone Menne and Christoph Franz, and other international partners.
Learn more about Caphenia at www.caphenia.com and follow the company on

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