The Autodoctors on eFuels Tour in the EU Parliament

Constructive exchange between car and eFuels experts with politics!

At the invitation of Jens Gieseke, MEP, the car doctors Hans-Jürgen Faul and Holger Parschnach, well-known from TV and Youtube, came to Brussels to report on their practical experience with eFuels. This is because, as part of a joint project of the German Association of Motor Trades (Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe e.V. – ZDK), ADAC and UNITI, the two automotive experts had used a vehicle fueled with eFuels in their everyday workshop work for many months. This“project vehicle“, a Golf, was also present in Brussels – of course CO2-neutral powered by eFuels.


Read the full article here:

The conclusion on operating the Golf with synthetic fuels(eFuels): “No differences in driving operation compared to conventional fuels and no technical anomalies or problems whatsoever – but CO2-neutral on the road.”
Thereupon, of course, there were satisfied faces among all participants and an even further increased interest on the part of politics!

Picture from left to right:
Dr. Kurt-Christian Scheel (Managing Director ZDK)
Holger Parsch (The Car Doctors)
Matthias Plötzke (UNITI Managing Director Europe)
Jens Gieseke (Member of the European Parliament, #CDU)
Hans-Jürgen Faul (The Car Doctors)


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