eFuels Forum and eFuel GmbH win the coveted NACS Sustainability Award

The eFuels Forum and eFuel GmbH have won the NACS European Convenience Retail Sustainability Award. The award, sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company, was presented at the NACS Convenience Summit Europe in Dublin on June 1, 2023.

The NACS Convenience Retail Sustainability Award annually recognizes service station companies with a significant and compelling sustainability initiative that has a positive social impact and creates lasting value for customers, employees and the convenience retail industry. This year, the eight-member jury presented the award to eFuels Forum and eFuel GmbH as part of the NACS Convenience Summit Europe in Dublin.

The eFuels Forum is an information platform around the topic of eFuels, which is now supported by more than 30 medium-sized energy traders from all over Germany and the technology provider Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH (CAC). In addition, the team provides information at events and trade fairs about synthetic fuels, their production processes and the benefits. The eFuels Forum gave rise to the joint venture eFuel GmbH, which brings together ten medium-sized German service station operators and energy traders. The company’s goal is to participate in companies and initiatives that develop and bring eFuels to market. The jury agreed that the innovative joint strategy of the two companies makes an important contribution to raising the profile of synthetic fuels and thus contributes to the breakthrough of eFuels as a
CO2-neutral alternative to fossil fuels.

“By working together as a group and investing to advance carbon-neutral fuels, the members of the eFuels Forum and the shareholders of eFuel GmbH have developed something these companies could not have done or achieved individually,” said Henry O. Armour, NACS president and CEO, explaining the judges’ decision. “The award recognizes how smaller companies in our industry can collectively work together to meet or exceed the efforts of larger organizations on their carbon reduction journey.”

“The award is a great honor and confirms us in our efforts to find solutions for climate-friendly mobility together as a medium-sized company. From our point of view, eFuels make an indispensable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in transport as quickly as possible,” said Dr. Lorenz Kiene, Managing Director of eFuel GmbH and eFuels Forum GmbH.

As part of the NACS Convenience Summit Europe (convenience.org/CSE), representatives of the service station industry from around the world come together annually to gain knowledge and exchange ideas on strategic industry topics. At the same time, they will gain a deep insight into the impact of key changes in the service station industry today and in the future. The 2023 event was held May 30-June 1 in Dublin, Ireland.

Visuals from the event:

NACS Convenience Retail Sustainability Award


Group picture from left to right:

Christian Warning, NACS Representative DACH
Volker Kretschmer, eFuels Forum & eFuel GmbH Partner
Lorenz Kiene, eFuels Forum & eFuel GmbH
Henry O. Armour, NACS President and CEO
Mark Wohltmann – Director NACS Global

Image source (c) Christian Warning


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Annika Beyer


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