Skepticism about e-cars is on the rise.

What will be the best way for Germany to drive in the future?
With combustion cars fueled by climate-neutral synthetic fuels(eFuels) or with battery-powered eCars? Or with both side by side – also due to the current car stock?

We say: Both lead to the reduction of CO2 emissions – so: don’t ban anything and always stay open to technology! Because no one knows what is coming. Not even those who constantly claim that they know better!

For example, the Autoscout24 portal recently presented the results of a survey that – contrary to many predictions – showed a significant drop in willingness to buy e-cars.

The text on reads: “Skepticism about e-cars is on the rise – The willingness to buy electric cars has dropped significantly. A representative survey by the Autoscout24 portal cites higher electricity prices and the reduced environmental bonus as reasons.

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