Why don’t we develop synthetic fuels?

More and more people and experts are noticing that the Allelectric strategy in the area of transport and mobility, which has been largely prescribed by political ideology, has major weaknesses.
That’s why organizations like the AvDAutomobilclub von Deutschland are now calling not only for technology openness instead of exclusive promotion of eMobility, but also for a national synfuels or eFuels strategy.


The 3 main points:

  • Prof. Dr. Ing. Peter Gutzmer: Syn-fuels are the only future in many cases
  • Technology openness instead of exclusive promotion of e-mobility
  • There is no alternative to the introduction of syn-fuels for rapid defossilization of transport


Contribution excerpt from AVD:
“The politically propagated and almost planned electrification of transportation not only contradicts the basic features of the free market economy, which is the basis for the prosperity and social peace of our society. Typical of any ideology-driven approach, this one-sidedness also willfully ignores the obvious weaknesses of its own theory.”
You can read the full article here:


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